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Carpet Stain Protection

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Carpet stain protection treatments offer a valuable shield against accidental spills and stains, providing peace of mind and prolonging the life of carpets and upholstery. These treatments typically involve the application of a protective solution that forms a barrier on the surface of the fibers, preventing liquids and soils from penetrating deep into the fabric. By repelling liquids and preventing them from being absorbed, carpet stain protection treatments make spills easier to clean up and reduce the likelihood of permanent stains.

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From coffee spills to pet accidents, trained professionals utilize spot cleaning methods to treat localized


Extraction cleaning not only removes visible stains and odors but also eliminates allergens, bacteria,and other pollutants

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In addition to reliable tile cleaning services, Automated Maintenance Systems also provides quality janitorial, carpet cleaning, Hard floor cleaning, snow removal, and lawn maintenance services to keep your facility at its best.